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Welcome Commanders!

If you are here, you must have heard of our group during your travels. Perhaps you heard about us from a grateful trader who had a Dark Echo escort during their last trip through dangerous space, or from a relieved miner who felt safer doing their job with some Dark Echo pilots patrolling the resource extraction site, or maybe you heard that notorious and blood thirsty pirate in your sector of space complaining that we’ve cut deeply into his profits.

Not everyone will be a fan of Dark Echo, and we’re proud of that. So, what do we stand for? What does it take to be a member? What is expected of Echos? If you have what it takes, read more here…

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Our Fleet

Our fleet ranges from Sidewinders all the way up to Anacondas. All ships and experience levels are welcome as part of our growing fleet.

Team Missions

Dark Echo conducts missions and operations of all types. Some peaceful, some not so much. Where there is a need, we’ll be there.

Ultimate Power

When our wings are conducting operations, our highly trained pilots project their power for any situation.

Fighting Pirates

We despise pirates who prey upon the weak and innocent. We find great pleasure in engaging pirate activity to provide safe travel.

Transport Services

Do you have a profitable trade route and would like a Dark Echo escort to protect you profits? We routinely provide trader escort services.

Guardian Teams

When we hear of a system where honest commanders are being harassed and attacked, we will respond and keep the area clear for all commerce.

We enjoy working closely with other like minded groups to provide safety for the common good.

Horizons SRV Gameplay

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Dark Echo Shop Now Open!

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HazRES Sunrise

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Rest In Pieces, Barney

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Today it happened. My beloved purple Python, Barney, died an honorable death. Although you know it will happen eventually, a person is never really prepared for it, when it does….


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