You just made your first step in joining one of the biggest minor factions in the galaxy. We have grown from a small pack of pirate hunters to a mega military corporation in the 2+ years we have been in the game. Are you an Explorer, Trader, Hunter or someone who likes to play that game in a different way?

Whatever your goal is we will help you achieve it with our collection of commanders from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We welcome everyone from all walks of life and in game experience from little sidewinder to those that have all the ships.

What are DarkEcho’s Priorities?

Are you ready for flight?

Systems Controlled

Credits Earned

Active Dark Echo Members

Amazing Fleet

Our Fleet

Our fleet ranges from Sidewinders all the way up to Corvettes and Cutters. All ships and experience levels are welcome as part of our growing fleet.

Team Missions

Dark Echo conducts missions and operations of all types. Some peaceful, some not so much. Where there is a need, we’ll be there.


Our members play on all platforms. PC/Mac, XBone and PS4 are all supported so you can always find members to wing up with.

Fighting Pirates

We despise pirates who prey upon the weak and innocent. We find great pleasure in engaging pirate activity to provide safe travel.

Transport Services

Do you have a profitable trade route and would like a Dark Echo escort to protect you profits? We routinely provide trader escort services.

Guardian Teams

When we hear of a system where honest commanders are being harassed and attacked, we will respond and keep the area clear for all commerce.
We enjoy working closely with other like minded groups to provide safety for the common good.

Follow our members as they fly through space defending the only good left in space.  Are you on board?  Watch us fly live today!

Video Tutorials

Need help getting setup and running in Elite Dangerous? Then please be sure to watch our training videos!

Discord Server

Enjoy conversation, or wing up with your fellow CMDR’s and fly through space by joining our discord server.

Get ready to stand out

Dark Echo wants all of our members to make a great impression

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