Please read BEFORE applying.
Hello and thanks for your interest in Dark Echo. Dark Echo is looking for members that have a genuine interest in the game.

When filling out the application make sure to fill it out completely and honestly. One word or one sentence applications will not be accepted. This is to ensure that you will be a good fit in the community and we want all our members to have an awesome and fun experience!

We are a casual group and we do realize real life comes first, but if you are just coming to Dark Echo to take advantage of it or to join without interest in the community, then this clan may not be the right fit for you.

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If you're a PC player, we will need a screenshot of your ranks, combat and crime statistics from in game. Please attach the image via "Choose File" below, the file size has to be smaller than 600kb. If you would like to use a website like Imgur or another image hosting site please use the URL field below. Please do not use both, just the upload field OR the URL field.

Please use this to upload your image, must be under 600kb, if your file is too big, please use the next option to attach an image.

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