Cursed Scarab Squadron

Timentes Maledictiones Cantharidas
Squad Leader: M33MN33

Where we lack in power we make up for in numbers, the Cursed Scarab Squadron is not a squad to underestimate. The Scarab was chosen as our symbol due to its Egyptian symbolism to the sun and/or curses. If you steal what’s ours then fear The Curse of The Scarab.

Eagle 71 Squadron

First From The Eyrie
Squad Leader: Felix5

No. 71 “Eagle” Squadron was originally a WWII fighter group composed of British RAF and Americans who volunteered to help before the United States officially entered the war. Our “Eagles” continue the tradition of British and American cooperation. We are a multinational squadron of capable Commanders who patrol our section of space with ruthless efficiency.

Our members have literally years of experience with Elite Dangerous. Billions of the citizens of the Alliance fall under our protection and look to us for their shared safety. Pirates and other ne’er-do-wells face swift and harsh judgment for their actions in our corner of the Cosmos.

If you think you can share in the responsibility for the largest portion of Dark Echo’s citizens, please submit your application today.

Kraken Squadron

Nihil Nos Effugit
Squad Leader: Freiheit

Nothing escapes us. Krakens guard the deepest heart of Dark Echo space. That which opposes us will be crushed like a python’s prey.

Shadow Squadron

Resonat In Tenebris
Squad Leader: [REDACTED]

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a supposed “Shadow Squadron”. Were such a squadron to exist, we would have to disavow any knowledge of its actions.

Stroking Moose Squadron

Veni, Vidi, Fugi
Squad Leader: Jinxed

Be careful what you say on voice chat – it may be taken as a euphemism and end up as a squad name for a space ship game.